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Selected Performance
Selected Performance


2022 |  Mat Pilates Instructing    
            Studio Pilates Education

2021 |  Bachelor of Fine Arts (Dance) 
             Victorian College of the Arts

2018 |  Royal Academy of Arts (Ballet)
            Posé Dance Academy 

Pilates Classes

Janelle's Pilates practice centres on Mat Pilates as a mind body engagement practice. Classes are catered to clients' needs and demographics, the aim is to provide a 'custom made' feeling for each client, where clients can actually feel better physically and mentally after each session. Janelle is highly motivated by helping diverse bodies to improve posture and reduce day to day body aches, working from basics to tone the body in a healthy manner.

Improvisation Classes

Janelle’s improvisation class aims to enable intuitive, imaginative and experimental dance practice. It begins by sitting in a circle with eyes closed, tuning in to self and setting a foundation of a safe environment. It follows through a series of improvisational prompts that enable organic movement choices and self-expression, using elements in and out of the studio. The class occasionally ends with a “show and tell” in two groups for participants to practice improvisation in a performative setting.

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